Living Below the Line – Day 3

Posted: April 30, 2014 in food, poverty
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The day dawned gray, as did my mood – the day pretty much stayed that way and I couldn’t be bothered with anything more for brunch than a bit of dhal left over from Day 1, bulked out with a boiled and cubed potato and a few slices of leek…

Total Cost – 12p

I didn’t feel hungry after it, just a bit dissatisfied. I then had a fun couple of hours cutting up slate tiles – by god that was messy, but you have to do these things for friends sometimes 🙂

So it was, by the time I got back from a late meeting near 7pm I was pretty much ready to eat a scabby horse and come back for the jockey, as my dear mother says. I reckoned the quickest way to make something filling and palatable was to rehash my simple bowl of spaghetti idea from the other night, using some leek for extra flavour and crunch.


Spaghetti with Leeks and Tomato

Dried Spaghetti (150g) – 6p
1/6 Onion – 3p
1 Clove Garlic – 2p
1/3 Chilli – 2p
1/3 Tin Tomatoes – 7p
1/4 Leek – 11p
Plus a handful of herbs from the garden

Total Cost – 31p

It was pretty good actually, as quick suppers go, all it really needed was my usual excess of parmesan with spaghetti. Mind you, I could have murdered a cold beer with this, or even hot strong shot of espresso, but alas no. Still, that’s 3 days down…

What I’d spent on food for the entire day – 43p

And I had to refuse a home made cheese scone – so sponsor me please!



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