Living Below the Line – Day 2

Posted: April 30, 2014 in food, poverty
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Amazingly enough, I wasn’t massively hungry when I woke up, so my 52p worth of dhal and spaghetti yesterday had obviously hit the spot. But getting through one day was easy, as I knew from the last time I did this…

…the second day of living #BelowTheLine gets harder. I wanted to keep things varied and interesting, as it’s the boredom of a poverty diet that grinds people down just as much as the hunger – so this was brunch:

Miser’s Mushroom Soup

Handful Mushrooms – 11p
1/4 Onion – 5p
1 Clove Garlic – 2p
1 Stock Cube – 2p
Plus a bunch of herbs from the garden and a pinch of paprika

Poverty Flatbreads

70g flour – 8p
Plus some tepid water and a pinch of salt

Total Cost – 28p

That really does make the most basic of flatbreads, but it cooks quickly in a dry hot pan, and provides a bit of textural contrast to the soup. I think I’ll add some rosemary from the garden next time, and they could even be quite palatable!

The soup was just as simple – boil the ingredients until cooked, and wizz up with a hand blender. No yoghurt or creme fraiche on this budget, so it looks as black as pitch. And while I wouldn’t serve it up at a dinner party, it actually tasted quite pleasant. Lunch done, and I had enough energy for a bit of gardening when I’d finished work.

By 7pm I was really fancying a beer, and the photos of BBQs being posted by friends on Twitter and Facebook didn’t help much. Oh, a juicy burger would have hit the spot…


Stir-fry Greens and Carrot

Shredded Cabbage – 10p
2/3 Carrot – 10p
1 Clove Garlic – 2p
1/3 Chilli – 2p
1/3 Leek – 15p
Plus parsley from the garden, salt and pepper and a splash of oil – I’ll allow myself the luxury of a teaspoon of sunflower oil, as I came in 30p under budget for the week 🙂

Total Cost – 39p

Again, simple but quite tasty, and a lot less saturated fat than barbecued sausages…

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