Living Below the Line – the shopping

Posted: April 27, 2014 in food, poverty
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As I explained in my last post Live Below the Line is an innovative campaign which challenges thousands of individuals across the world to live on £1 a day for 5 days. I’m about to embark on that challenge tomorrow…

The shopping

Parsnips – 22p
Potatoes – 27p
Mushrooms – 23p
Leek – 44p
Carrots – 40p
Onions – 40p
Garlic – 20p
Stock cubes – 20p
Dried spaghetti (500g) – 20p
Tinned tomatoes – 24p
Yellow split peas (500g) – 53p
Lemons – 34p
Plain flour (200g) – 25p
Chillies – 10p
Cabbage – 45p
Ginger – 22p

TOTAL – £4.70

I can only say thank goodness for our fabulous Grainger Market, as you can buy small amounts cheaply, without the excess packaging of the supermarkets. I did give in and go to Tesco for some value spaghetti, and a box of stock cubes – they were too cheap to ignore, and I’m going to need every bit of help to get through this week.

Considering that I quite often spend over £5 just on one meal, eating for five days on a fiver is going to be rather different. I don’t expect to starve, but I know I’m going to be hungry, and often bored with a plain diet of root vegetables and lentils. Thankfully, the rules say that I can use small amounts of salt/pepper/spices if the price is accounted for, so I’ll be generous and award myself the 30p that’s left over for some cumin and smoked paprika. I have fresh parsley, oregano, mint and rosemary thriving in the kitchen garden, so those flat breads and potatoes are starting to look a bit more appetising 🙂

OK, I’m going now, to have my last cup of coffee for a week, and maybe a few beers. There will be no chocolate, no cheese, no fruit, no eggs, milk, meat or fish. But don’t feel sorry for me, just…

Sponsor me please!

And I’ll be back tomorrow with a report on the first day.


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