Living Below the Line – Day 5 – The End is nigh!

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Last Supper – more red lentil dahl…

Almost there – and almost out of food! A packet of value noodles and a last bit of fruit got me through the day, and there’s tomato and lentil dahl with a few roasted carrots for tonight. Hardly a banquet, but sustaining and reasonably healthy. All that’s left from my ??5 is a handful of lentils and a handful of pasta. Enough to get someone through another day, but with no vegetables and no fruit, and not even a chilli for excitement, it would be a bland and miserable existence.

I expect that is the daily reality for many hundreds of millions of people in the poorest parts of the world…

I haven’t suffered anything by comparison, and I know that many people on low wages in the UK regularly make do with not much more. I won’t forget that when I’m tucking into my Sunday roast at the weekend – and if they do “Living Below the Line” again next year, I’ll be at the front of the queue to sign up.

I did my best to get some veg into the diet, but you don’t get much for the money, so while I’m not convinced of the nutritional benefits of the last week, I did expect to lose some weight. However, I’ve been eating a lot more carbs than usual this week, and not getting much exercise, so I’ve actually only lost 1lb. My usual diet contains much more protein from fish and meat, along with salads and fruit, but a lot less carbs from pasta, noodles or potatoes.

The cravings mostly subsided as the week went on, but it’s such a lovely night, I’m desperately wanting to be in a beer garden by the river, supping a pint of IPA. TBH going a week without alcohol is something I haven’t done since January. I wish I could say I felt better for it – I honestly don’t, but I guess it can’t have done any harm 🙂

Finally, once again, thanks for the support – I wouldn’t have started without the early pledges of sponsorship, and I would have found it immensely difficult to finish without the banter on Twitter and Facebook. Not allowing myself any money to spend during the week has meant that I didn’t get out much, so your online presence has been invaluable!

And not forgetting thanks to Molly for putting up with my occasional grumpiness, and joining in with a couple of my less than exciting meals

Cheers, Paul.


Find out more – why am I doing this, for goodness sake?

And it’s still not too late to sponsor me if you haven’t already – we can make a difference to global poverty:


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