Living Below the Line – Day 4

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


Day 3 passed without too much problem. Cravings subsided somewhat, as did the headache, although popping into town was a trial. Everyone on the streets these days seems to be shoving something in their mouths – most of it fatty fast food, which I wouldn’t normally thank you for, but there’s only so much torment a hungry man can take… I walked home again, the bus fare being well over a pound.

Now, Day 4 draws to a close, and the end is in sight. I can report that I’m heartily sick of pasta and won’t be wanting to see any for at least another fortnight! To be fair, the leftover pasta for lunch wasn’t so bad – just very similar to what I had for supper last night and the night before…

Tonight, there’s a tin of sardines to add a bit of variety and nutrition to supper – although it’s going to be something of a hotch-potch given what else I’m working with (see photo). On the bright side, I have enough lentils, onion and chilli to make dahl for tomorrow night, and one packet of value noodles and a last bit of fruit to get me through the day.

A word, and a question, about supermarket “value” ranges. Morrison’s value pasta is 9p for half a kilo – it’s not the best, but perfectly acceptable by the time you cover it with sauce. I’ll certainly be buying it again, as Molly and her friends get through tons of pasta. The value tinned tomatoes come in around half the price of regular, and have fewer calories, more protein, less fat and similar amounts of salt and sugar. Likewise the kidney beans, at 18p, are a bargain, and taste *exactly* the same as the regular range.

How do they manage this? Are suppliers getting ripped off? Or are we actually paying over the odds on the regular range to subsidise the value range? I don’t know, but I will be taking a closer look at buying “value” basics such as these for the store cupboard in future. Of course, many of the premium and organic ranges are better quality – equally some of the supermarket “value” stuff is not value at all (it’s cheap, yes, but so utterly crap that you end up throwing most of it away in disgust) – all I’m saying is, don’t necessarily discount the bargain basement stuff just ‘cos it has a nasty label 🙂

Finally, thanks again to everyone who has sponsored me. I set an initial target of £200 which had to be quickly revised upward to £300 due to an unprecedented outbreak of generosity. The latest running total shows a stunning £465 – please pass on these links to any friends who might have a spare fiver, I’d love to make that £500 by the end of tomorrow!


Find out more – why am I doing this, for goodness sake?

Please sponsor me if you haven’t already – we can make a difference to global poverty:

  1. Anonymous says:

    I applaud your efforts here Paul since you are indeed gourmand. This is more of a sacrifice for you than most people might know given your love of great food and your culinary skills! Great way to step outside of routine and do something that makes you think about others and also helps you make future decisions that will save you money 🙂 Tip top! Hope to see you soon….bet you’ve lost a few pounds in weight this week as well!Cathryn

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